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Resonance: Crimson Void

by Mare Cognitum / Aureole

Citadel of ancient sorrow Turn your gaze to the void Twisted amalgamation Drift into the cosmic sea Though your halls echo deep And even ghostly visages begin to decay Wander still into the night To seek the province of the stars Through years of isolation The torch continues to burn Brethren guard, seeking solace Their dreams lying in the shadow of crimson wings Beholding, in the distance A sign of immeasurable hope Commune - in solitude Ascend - in nothingness Flourish - in deprivation And transfigure the wretched tomb Hold the flame aloft Into the black abyss As hope begins to fade And time loses all meaning The brethren lie as stone watchers of eternal silence Until upon their eyes rests the blazing sign Commune - in solitude Ascend - in nothingness Flourish - in deprivation And transfigure the wretched tomb Hold the flame aloft Into the crimson abyss Hold the flame aloft Into the crimson abyss A horror of horrors awakens The nebula stirring with malice Twisting the wandering walls into perverse and abhorrent forms Waves of anti-cosmic energy barrage the crumbling walls and through the gaping wounds enters the hideous infestation The brethren rise to defend their home as it crumbles down before them Hearkening the sounding of the bell, and rising to its call Awestruck terror engulfs the torchbearers Their home has betrayed them, and becomes their tomb
A withered garden flourished thorns of shattered bone and birthed flesh colder than the frigid storm A pyre of frost and earth embracing the sky sealed with the feeble touch of death Aside the memories of pallid mountains gleaned with flames, rest the calloused hands who held aloft the blaze Though their eyes fade, and wither in decay Though the light fades, the torch ever burns Torn asunder by mangled stone and steel And buried deep beneath themselves Their voice beneath the earth whispers no more Silenced by dust through gasping breath Ghastly fingers run like daggers across the skin To tear asunder fading blood held within The sound of torrential suffering muted by weight of their dead the tattered skin writhes no more a husk of eternal sleep Though their eyes fade, and wither in decay Though the light fades, the torch ever burns
Primordial Nebular Murder... What terrors have we brought unto the Crimson Cosmic As we melt our veins into it. Alunar's walls bare, yet the bell still rings The towers swallowed, the amalgamation cast, yet the bell ever tolls... Merge onto us as we suffer the righteous burden, The Collapsing Consciousness... Massive waves of anti-cosmic Unlife Indescribable force of Human-dubbed M17 Suffocate and seize all life and death Repurpose the eyes, the lungs, the skull, For everlasting furnance pipes. Pump your anti-matter deep into the hollow nest In which all lights shine A sea of cosmic torments strike the Fetus, Alunar...
10,000 onyx hands spawn from the wretched Infant's Vertex... Suffocate the crimson hellfire With an age in every palm. The Infested Belltower echoes Their calling... Upon the Nebular Collapse. Enslaved Nebula of M17, We are aware of the macrocosmic truths The trespass of all life, Our graveyards empty We become the gaseous Red. The Earthly realms from which We are made of hold no ground to the solar pillars of inconceivable law. A cosmic funeral for a creation never declared, We weave the essence of the first light into your skulls." A choir from Their newborn hourglass vomits dark matter upon the stellar remnants... The castle shattered, the stone scattered, the infant-creature soaring, death cast from each visage of it's form and bell Aural anticosmic massacre, supernovae corrupt We witness the rise of Alunar's heart a monstrosity of colorlessness and behemoth of velocity... ____________________ [M17 fades, the red destroyed by the black hands of Alunar's twisted form. The nebula retains nothing but the unworldly foundation of the citadel, Alunar rebuilds it's lonely home... Returning to it's natural state... Calling out for family... Tolling for the senility of it's own hourglass.]


Transmissions received in II-0-I-IIII have been fully transcribed. A greater understanding of Citadel Alunar has been achieved.

Aureole and Mare Cognitum express the knowledge they have gathered over the course of 41 minutes. Now available on vinyl and digital.

Cover art by the immensely talented Nightjar Illustration.

Beware that which inhabits the Bell Tower...


released August 10, 2016


all rights reserved



Mare Cognitum Portland, Oregon

Mare Cognitum is a one-man band conceived by Jacob Buczarski.

Let yourself drift into the unknown edges of the cosmos.

The most beautiful thing one can experience is the mysterious.

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